Balek Art
Fine Art by H. Frankie Balek

"At the Lake"
"Winter Bouquet"
"Joan's Favorite Things"
"Copper Charger"
"Fruit Stand"
"Meeting of the Minds"
"Black Forest Picnic"
"Coffee Time"
"Sunflowers" 5x7
"Cherry Brandy" 5x7
"Meditation" 11x14
"Leaving the Nest" 9x12
"Red Cabbage with Tomatillos" 11x14
"Amaryllis" 16x20
"My Favorite Things"
"Radishes" 5x7
"Apples" 5x7
"Two Apples" 5x7
"Sunflowers" 8x10
"Cherries in a Napkin" 8x10
"Royal Pears" Winner of Benjamin Perry Award
The following paintings are in private collections and are not for sale.  
Contact Frankie for more information on commissioning a painting.  She welcomes your request.