Balek Art
Fine Art by H. Frankie Balek

Here is Frankie's current art for sale.  Click on the thumbnail for a full preview.

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"After the Rain" 11x14
"Rio Grande River" 14x18
"All Alone" 16x20
"Double Rainbow" 8x10
"Sleepy Afternoon at Pemaquid" 16x20
"Summer in Wales 8x10"
"National Seashore, Cape Cod" 11x14
"Ile d'Orleans, Quebec" 11x14
"The Guardian" 18x24
Still Lifes
"Crab Apples" 9x12
"Ewer With Fruit" 15x18
SOLD "Gardening" 12x12
"Grandmom's Pitcher" 12x15
"Hydrangea with Plums" 11x14
"Onion Cousins" 11x14
"Pears with Compote" 11x14
"Potato Soup" 11x14
"Strawberry Season"
"Study in Purple" 12x15
"Vegetable Medley" 14x18
SOLD "Glass Vase and Nectarines" 14x18
SOLD "Quiet Corner" 9x12
"When Life Gives You Lemons" 14x18
"Two Zinnias" 10x8
"Golden Pair" 5x7
"Trio" 5x7
SOLD "Royal Pears"~ Winner of Benjamin Perry Award at the New Hope Historical Art Society's Juried Art Show
"Nature's Curtain Call" 11x14
"The Potting Shed"
"Reflections" 12x24
"Just Picked" 9x12
SOLD "Fruit with Jug" 11x14
"Apple Crisp"
SOLD "Great Expectations" 8x10
"Starting Breakfast" 11X14
"Pewter Sugar Bowl with Apples" 8X10
"Tea with Tulips" 12X16
"Gourds with Magnolia Pods"
"Jug with Cherries" 8x10
SOLD "Country Shelf" 15x30
"Gerbera Daisies" 12x16
"Rose in the Window"
SOLD "Respite" 9x12
"Bouquet" 8x10
"Red Onion and Friends" 11x14
"Royal Cabbage" 11x14
"Three Flowers" Collection
"Love of Flowers" 11x14
"Pottery with Lemons and Figs" 11x14
"Proud Egg" 5x7