Balek Art
Fine Art by H. Frankie Balek
Patricia Hutton Galleries
47 West State Street
Doylestown, PA 18901

P: (215) 348-1728     C: (215) 801-6714
"A Pair of Pears II" 6x8
SOLD "Michele's Teapot" 9x12
SOLD "Soup's On" 11x14
SOLD "Just a Bowl of Cherries" 11x14
"Apples on Linen" 5x7
SOLD "Copper Pot with Cherries" 8x10
SOLD "Royal Cherries" 11x14
SOLD "Apples in African Basket"
SOLD "Fluffing the Hay" 10x8
SOLD "Berries and Pears" 8x10
SOLD "Quiet Corner" 12x9
SOLD "Winter Berries" 18x24
SOLD "Apples and Berries" 8x10
SOLD "Apple Compote" 11x14
SOLD "Bag with Cherries" 11x14
SOLD "Bowl with Cherries" 11x14
SOLD "Bartletts and Bings" 8x10
SOLD "Blue Bag with Tomatillos" 11x14
"Black Bag with Apples" 8x10
"Yellow Pitcher" 8x10
SOLD "Pears and Figs" 9x12
"Tomatoes and Yellow Peppers" 11x14 SOLD
"Cherries Jubilee"
SOLD "Golden Pear with Cherries"
"Two Pears"
"Red Pear with Cherries"
"Lemon with Cherries" 5x7
"Onion with Radishes" 5x7
"Pitcher with Two Applies" 11x14
"Lemons in the Window" 11x14
SOLD "Just Picked" 8x10
SOLD "Pair of Pears" 6x8
"Granny Smith with Figs" 5x7
"Radishes on White" 8x10
"May I?" 9x12
"Anticipating Spring" 9x12
"Red Onion and Friends" 11x14
"Royal Cabbage" 11x14
SOLD "Love of Flowers" 11x14
"Fruit and Flowers" 11x14
"Anticipating Spring" 9x12
Hohenstein Gallery
361 South Easton Road
Glenside, PA 19038

     P: (215) 887-1771     
"A Pair of Pears" 8x10
"Apple Slice" 8x10
SOLD "It's a Bird's Life" 5x7
"Friendly Apples" 5x7
"Organic Connections" 15x30
"Un Pot de Chocolat Chaud" 11x14
"Misty Morning at Lake Galena" 11x14
"Blended Fragrances" 12x12